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3D Rally Racing 3D Rally Racing

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A good start, but unpolished.

The sound effects are interesting and varied enough. The music is stunning and fits extremely well with the game. The graphics are good enough and the courses are imaginative. The steering is possibly a little bit too easy...until you leave the track by an inch and are slowed down to an unbearable, uncontrollable slither. And, oh, if you make the unfortunate mistake of hitting a rock, you uncover some fairly rushed physics as your car bounces back as far as it went forward. At the same speed, too. Despite this, the game is engaging and the unlocking system provides incentive to continue playing.


SOUND: 9/10



FUN: 8/10

TOTAL: 32/50 - - - 6/10 - - - 3/5

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